VP of Twitter presents The Joy of Work – video

The recent Smarter Workspace Series event, ‘The Joy of Work’, was another huge success.  Presented by EMEA Vice President of Twitter, Bruce Daisley, he gave us an array of tips and ideas on how to rediscover the Joy of Work. Bruce talked us though a number of research studies he and others have undertaken and identified the key points to what makes us ‘tick’ and how the workplace can adapt for these to enhance productivity and creativity.

Some takeaways from this include;

  • Face-to-face conversation is critical to creativity. It also provides a connection that texting or emailing cannot give.
  • Have less meetings and more one-to-one chats to improve productivity.
  • Stop eating at your desk.
  • Have a ‘Monk Mode Morning’ where you allocate a period of time when you turn notifications off to avoid distractions.
  • Its scientifically proven that productivity drops if you work more than 40 hours a week.
  • There’s a limit to the number of decisions we can make per day. Make them count!

A quote used from Olympic medallist, Sir Chris Hoy: “Never stand when you can sit. Never sit when you can lie down”. We have limited amount of energy and attention so save it for your most important demands, to avoid stress and manage energy.


Famous British author, Charles Dickens, wrote 15 novels, 200 short stories and edited a weekly magazine. However he didn’t work in the afternoon. Finding the combination of when and where you work most effectively is vital to creativity and productivity.

Thank you to all who attended. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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