How to host efficient meetings and boost productivity


When was the last time you went to an efficient meeting? A meeting that you could proactively engage with all of the topics, it didn’t run over the set time and you had clear actions out of it? According to Doodle, “British professionals spend the most time in meetings every week”. Nearly a third (30%) of respondents spent five or more hours in meetings per week. Additionally 72% report regularly losing time to poorly organised meetings. So we thought we would put together a few suggestions to ensure your meetings are as productive as can be…

Set an agenda

By having an agenda, people can prepare for the meeting and know what is going to be discussed. This also eliminates the conversation going off topic, and provides a clear idea of what you should achieve from the session.

Stick to the time frame

People tend to fill the time that they are given in a meeting, so limit the time scheduled. You should also have someone chair the meeting and ensure it keeps moving forward, and doesn’t overrun. Nicole Steinbok introduced a 22 minute meeting when she spoke at Microsoft. The agenda includes starting on time, standing up, no phones, no laptops and noting off topic comments for future discussions.

The two pizza rule

Jeff Bezos who started Amazon created a ‘two pizza rule’: you should be able to feed all meeting attendees with two large pizzas. If you can’t, the scalability may be too big and therefore efficiency lost. A striking principal that would ensure only the necessary people are in attendance.


It can be a great tool for visuals, but make sure the presenter isn’t just reading an entire slideshow, verbatim. It isn’t an effective way for meetings to be productive or engage your audience.

Choose your time

Doodle reports that mornings are “overwhelmingly the best time to hold a meeting”, and the preferred time being between 8am-12pm. So we suggest if a meeting is of particular importance, an early start may be a good thing.

Smarter Workspaces

Netcel is a case study that highlights a Smarter Workspace designed for efficient meetings. Whether you are want a quick five minute collaboration on the whiteboard wall, or a more structured choice in a variety of different meeting rooms, Netcel’s workplace accommodates this.  View the case study here.

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