The First Four Elements of a Fantastic Workplace

Daylight, Connectivity, Space and Choice

As part of our Smarter Workspace Series, we will be creating a series of three blog posts which delve deeper into how the 12 elements of a fantastic workplace can improve the performance of individuals and company as a whole. This week we start with Daylight, Connectivity, Space and Choice.

12 Elements

DaylightDaylight_12 Elements_Tricorn

(Tricorn Studios, Birmingham)

Natural light within the workspace is a key element to factor in when designing a smarter workspace. Neil Usher states that daylight regulates our ‘body clock’. We tend to associate darkness with night time and sleep, and daylight with productivity and active behaviours.

When we design workspaces we review the layout to position workstations close to windows. More and more business parks offer green views and blue space design which also has an impact on the productivity and wellbeing of employees. For office spaces, without natural light, we look to incorporate biophilia and modern lighting into the workspace design.

ConnectivityConnectivity_12 Elements_Netcel

(Netcel, Hertfordshire)

Today’s workspace is heavy in technology; from softphones to video conferencing to paperless offices we are seeing a high dependency on technology. This enables us to stay connected in and outside of the office.

A strong workspace design will create areas where employees can move around flexibly to work in silos or groups. The use of laptops, strong Wi-Fi connections and docking stations allow the team to remain connected both physically and digitally.

SpaceSpace_12 Elements_Affinity

(Affinity for Business, Hertfordshire)

Making every sq ft count in a business is another crucial element of efficient yet effective workspace design. When undertaking an office fitout or refurbishment, space is always the first consideration. Once this is confirmed, the rest of the design will follow. 

Incorporating headcount, showrooms, amenities, meeting rooms and break out areas into the space available requires creativity and smart thinking. Having worked on projects from under 5,000 sq ft to over 15,000 sq ft we know that a smarter workspace can be achieved regardless of the space provided.

ChoiceChoice_12 Elements_ Ocado

(Ocado, Hertfordshire)

Providing your employees with the choice and flexibility of how, when and where they choose to work is becoming increasingly important. Workplace tasks will differ from day to day, some tasks may require collaborative working, others may require deep concentration and quiet time.

A strong workspace design will offer a choice of working environments that meet the needs of all work tasks within a typical day. This is otherwise known as an ‘agile’ workplace which is becoming more and more popular. This links in well with the Space element; having a choice of working areas within the office provides your employees with the choice of how they wish to work.

Neil Usher

Back in December Woodhouse hosted a complimentary Smarter Workspaces Series event with property, workplace and change professional, Neil Usher. Neil discussed how his concept featuring the 12 underlying elements, which all workspaces should be created on, can improve the performance of your individuals and company as a whole.

View the highlights from the seminar here.

Woodhouse blend scientific analysis, creative design and behavioural research to understand how your employees ‘tick’. We can help identify your needs and build a space that is fine-tuned to support your organisation. For more than 40 years we have been helping organisations achieve high-quality workspaces that are crafted to the needs of their company. To find out more about how we can deliver your smarter workspace, please call 01707 255300 for a friendly chat with one of the team, or send an email here and we will be in touch shortly.