5 creative ideas to boost office morale

If you tuned into our last feature, the Q&A with Rick Fedrizzi, it is becoming more evident that if occupiers prioritise factors such as employee health and wellness, this can lead to increased morale, with a subsequent boost in levels of performance.

The importance of addressing low morale

It can often become evident to organisations when workspace morale is low, or when employees start to exhibit signs of dissatisfaction or dips in their level of performance.  Such behaviour can be a concern, with some employers choosing to take steps to address this head on, potentially with a longer-term mind-set to adopting cultural change.

Balancing office culture against expectations

There is a basic understanding from most employees of how flexible their employers are and whether the culture can adapt to accommodate their needs and requirements within the workspace. This is often dictated by the sector the organisation operates within, as eluded to within our recent article ‘When a law firm wants a bouncy castle in their office’. Workspaces need to work smarter, not just in terms of the office design, but also, how the workspace can deliver more for the workforce operating within.

Does your workspace suit your organisational culture? We have put five creative ideas together that look towards boosting morale in the workspace.

1. Creating ambience – imaginative ways include Wi-Fi speakers such as Sonos. Gone are the days of large cumbersome hi-fi systems, or the office radio. Speakers such as Sonos can sync with a range of music services such as Spotify and Amazon Music. You can create playlists and, if used collaboratively, can also generate interesting conversations with your colleagues around music tastes! Played softly in the background (so not to distract), they generally create a pleasant atmosphere.

2. Bringing the outside in – often referred to as biophilic design within the commercial property industry. This is the concept of ‘bringing the outside in’ with the idea of it improving piece of mind and well-being. One pot plant won’t do the trick, so think about placing these strategically around the office space. How about stretching as far as a feature garden wall? These can be especially nice to incorporate within city offices where green space is even more welcome!

3. Creative breakout sessions – there a number of creative ways in which businesses are choosing to become more inventive. This has led to the reintroduction of the likes of LEGO and post-it notes to align with creative thinking. LEGO, traditionally a Danish toy manufacturer has seen their product being used more in recent years for ‘serious play’ a concept which fosters creative thinking through the use of LEGO to convey ideas and plans. Post-it notes were traditionally left to, well…leave a quick note. Nowadays, they are being used to stick to boards and walls to help with structuring or mapping out of project plans.

4. Workspace wellness challenges – team activities for charitable causes are great ways to encourage the office to raise money for charity, stay healthy and boost healthy competition within the work environment. These challenges can prove to be a great, fun way of pulling the office together for a mutual objective. Read more about our team’s 10k step challenge for Cancer Research UK

5. Office furniture – the purchasing of office furniture shouldn’t be done on a whim. There are many factors to consider such as manufacturer guarantees, does it fit in with the layout and office design theme, will employees be comfortable, do any of the employees have chronic back pain, etc. Making employees feel part of the decision-making process over things such as deciding upon the office furniture should improve a workforce’s sense of involvement and make staff feel more rewarded. Our team at Woodhouse can support the decision-making process for businesses when sourcing office furniture, with a number of relationships with a range of manufacturers.

Integrated office furniture, installed by Woodhouse for London based Investment firm, Ruffer

Trends within the workspace are adapting quicker than ever before, so the pressure is on for your organisation to react quickly to boost morale, productivity and to keep employee turnover at a minimum.