Workplace Consultancy – What’s it all about?


Workplace consultancy is an audit of your current workplace, used to help you better understand not only your existing and future business needs, but also those of your people – essentially learning what makes them tick! Since this requires you to engage with your staff for research, ultimately you will be better able to design an environment which is both inspiring and engaging to your workforce, as well as accommodating to your changing needs as a business.

How do we do it?

In order to make any decisions on your workplace, it is imperative that you have accurate and reliable data assessing your current situation. There are a number of elements to collecting this data.

At Woodhouse, we begin with Stakeholder workshops. Here we spend time with the project team learning the real drivers behind the project, and underlying this, the fundamentals of the business. This includes their goals and targets, challenges and risks, as well as outlook for the future. Following this our consultants base themselves in your office to carry out a staff occupancy study, where they establish your utilisation of workstations, offices, meeting rooms and breakout areas – both when and why. Around half way through the consultancy, staff curiosity tends to peak, so the next stage is to send out online surveys to all employees. Upon completion we learn about the demographics, personality types, home working trends and meeting patterns of your workforce, and how they feel about the current design of their workplace.

To gain some depth to those statistics, we then talk to groups of staff via focus groups and interviews. Since we believe that the best ideas come from people, we use this as a forum to share ideas and suggestions that we can feedback to the project team. Finally, we take an ‘outsider looking in’ overview of your workplace, observing how people interact with it.

With the data gathering stages complete, we formulate a consolidated report that makes sense of the findings, and translates them into meaningful recommendations which are supported by evidence, and are practical to apply to your specific situation. Recommendations surround what requirements the business would need to accommodate for staff to work more efficiently and productively, how staff would feel about change, and how they would transition to new ways of working.

The benefits

With that in mind, the benefits are clear. An accurate space assessment will help to create an environment which:

  1. Ensures your space is being used effectively
  2. Encourages communication and collaboration
  3. Improves engagement and productivity amongst staff
  4. Accurately reflects the branding, values and politics of the business
  5. Attracts and retains staff, as well as impresses clients and visitors.

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