Workspace strategy is a process to assess how you use your current space and identify what your future requirements look like to best support the needs of your business. It is a vital component to a successful office design and fit-out.

We create workspaces that help you work smarter

By gathering valuable space utilisation data and staff behavioural insights we are able to establish your optimal workspace requirements.

Resulting in a Smarter Workspace that will help to unleash greater productivity and collaboration; improve culture, staff wellbeing a retention; and enhance corporate reputation.

The Benefits

Workplace Strategy provides more than a snapshot of your business activity. It eliminates presumption, informs the design process and gives factual evidence on the change needed to your office environment. You gain measurable insights into what spaces are working well, and not so well. It highlights the requirements of your teams and if these are being met currently. Finally it aids the design process to ensure a bespoke, effective space for you. This will improve communication and collaboration, encourage productivity and overall enhance employee wellbeing and performance.

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Our Strategic Process


Project Initiation WorkshopThis stage firstly involves a leadership briefing session, understanding the project drivers and final objectives. We devise one clear vision which allows for potential challenges to be flagged and future changes to the business to be considered, e.g. growth or new IT strategies.


Space Occupancy StudyThis is the fact collecting stage. We spend two weeks in your office analysing how your space is used; the time and occupancy at workstations, meeting spaces and in breakout areas. We learn the trends and behaviours in employee movement and analyse how your staff collaborate.


Staff Online SurveyStaff curiosity tends to peak around this stage. This is when we welcome their thoughts on the working environment. We evaluate the individual profiles assessing demographics, basic personality profiling, home working trends and understanding how they rate the workplace performance currently.


Focused Workshops and InterviewsNext we arrange focused workshops and interviews to look in greater detail at the survey feedback. This is to validate the data, obtain workflows, business processes and core adjacencies. The best ideas often come from your people, so ideas and suggestions are encouraged.


Observations and AssessmentWe then conduct an observational assessment using an ‘outside looking in’ approach. Our workplace experts discover how and why behaviours have evolved to suit the environment and gain a full overview of your workplace.


Consolidated ReportFollowing all the above, we will formulate a report that translates the findings into meaningful recommendations appropriate to your specific scenario and supported by evidence.

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    What our clients say

    It was a really good opportunity to look at our staff and understand what we could provide for them. We had never actually asked them what they wanted and now that we have, it’s like working for a completely new company. It’s a great environment to work in, its really worked well and the feedback has been tremendous.

    Chris Doyle

    Regeneration Director, Engie