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A fast and flexible response to the changing nature of work

Having already completed two floors of Ocado’s Apollo Court offices, the onset of the Covid pandemic presented both the client and ourselves with an unexpected new challenge when it came to fitting out the third floor. Gone, at least temporarily and possibly long term, was the presence of large numbers of staff working typical office hours. The challenge therefore was not only to meet the need for flexibility and social distancing while pandemic restrictions prevailed, but also to deliver a working environment that could quickly adapt to whatever ‘new normal’ might develop in the longer term.


Close collaboration to produce the optimum result

With such an unprecedented situation to respond to, it was more vital than ever to work closely with Ocado to ensure our design would meet all the potential scenarios which they might encounter. We presented a range of options, then worked further with them to refine the one they preferred.

The resulting space features unallocated desk spaces allowing employees to work anywhere within the office , with more areas given over to encouraging group activities. As well as traditional meeting rooms, mobile whiteboards enable impromptu meetings to take place anywhere, while dedicated pods offer further, more structured options. Individual, soundproofed booths also enable phone and video calls to be conducted in privacy and without disturbing other members of staff.

The result is an attractive workspace which perfectly fits Ocado’s needs for the foreseeable future but can also be adapted very quickly to any new working patterns that may materialise in the longer term.


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