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A dedicated space for creatives to collaborate

The brief

GVC Holdings wanted to centralise their creative teams and so identified an area within the Stratford office of Ladbrokes Coral; one of their subsidiaries. This was to be a place for the creative teams to innovate and collaborate in a dedicated space. Careful consideration was needed to ensure the branding requirements of both GVC Holdings and their Ladbrokes subsidiary were met.

Finally, the surrounding areas of the central workspace were occupied by the rest of the Ladbrokes workforce, so managing noise was a critical requirement. Woodhouse took the brief and went to work on delivering these needs in a carefully managed way to ensure noise was kept to an absolute minimum.

The solution

Woodhouse designed and delivered a Creative Studio that encourages collaboration and communication. An illuminated ‘Creative Studio’ sign shows the way to the new space with it being distinguished enough to create a visual statement, but subtle enough to fit within the wider workplace. There are a variety of desking options to accommodate different tasks, from useful stand-up tables to acoustic pods. At the heart of the office is a collaboration zone with whiteboard walls that can be curtained off.  There is also a dedicated office for senior management finished with simple yet effective branded graphics. GVC now has an inviting Creative Studio and the amenities to equip a global brand.

I can't fault the team. So helpful and polite.
Rachelle Peat
Global Head of Design

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