The Ringmaster Theory Explained

What does it take to create an irresistible vibe to daily work life? Maintaining team cohesion, a sense of belonging and strong relationships is the cultural challenge that organisations face as hybrid work patterns become the new. So how do we solve that? The Ringmaster Theory is that you can create an atmosphere that people want to be part of without mandating anything, by injecting energy into the ordinary.

Every organisation or team is a mini community and it needs its own center of gravity. By likening the workplace to a circus ring, we can perceive it as a place where people can perform. The more consideration we give to it, the better the quality of the performance will be.

The necessary workplace components

The Circus Ring

This space is where everyone can get together. It is a place where a sense of belonging and community is fostered; a townhall area, breakout, tea point, café… the options are endless. This is where connections are made and strengthened.


Surrounding the central circus ring space are smaller tents: areas for team get-togethers or specific activities. At these points the connection within the individual teams is built on through collaboration and huddles. The tents must imbibe some sense of the circus ring to ensure that the same vibe is carried to individual teams.


The individual caravans around the edge of the field represent solitary individual working spaces (such as booths and pods) where individuals can work undisturbed. This could also represent those who work from home, but whether it is in or out of the workspace, the pull of the circus ring must still be felt.

The ringmaster

An inspirational space provides the stage, and the ringmaster creates the magic. This is arguably the most important part of the ringmaster theory; every business leader or team leader must become a ringmaster at the heart of their organisation. They are responsible to create that magnetic culture that encourages teams and individuals to interact and engage.

More than ever before, we need to create a culture that our people want to be part of. Provide a sense of belonging and maintain a point of connection within our teams. The ringmaster concept illustrates how that vibe can be maintained in today’s hybrid world with a focus on engaging activity rather than mandated attendance, resulting in a team of highly motivated and productive employees, ultimately contributing to your business’s success and attracting and retaining talent.

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