Highlights & Whitepaper: Recent Roundtable at The Shard

We recently held a roundtable breakfast event on Level 34 of the Shard in London to discuss a thought-provoking topic: Achieving a shared management vision for people, place and pulse. Expertly compered by Richard Coope of Brightful, we explored aligning individual work preferences to organisational needs.

Several senior executives from many industries attended, all sharing their unique and valuable perspectives.

Setting the Scene

We’ve gone through a seismic paradigm shift in workplace practices, by virtue of the fact of coping with the pandemic. And what we have seen is a very interesting shift to an established form of hybrid working which, if you don’t get it right, it can really muck up your business!

From conversations with many people from many industries, we are finding that leadership wants to make sure people are connected into the organisation and the values, help to drive sustainable growth, and talent retention. However, there is discrepancy between C-suite and employee expectations – we need to find the balance and create an environment where priorities are aligned, and people feel they belong.

Change in the world of work will be constant, complexity will increase, but what it requires is maturity of genuine leadership to understand and embrace flexibility.

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