Highlights & Whitepaper: Recent Roundtable Event at The Gherkin

We recently held a roundtable breakfast event at The Gherkin, London to discuss a key topic: What does a winning culture really look like within a hybrid work environment? Compered by Richard Potter of Microsoft, Director of Digital Strategy and with senior executives from many industries, we had an excellent discussion out of which came some key insights which we would like to share with you.

Setting the Scene

The scale and speed of change that happened when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, was phenomenal and unique. It left us all navigating something that has had significant consequences, but also has helped us stimulate action – and we should look on it as an opportunity for entrepreneurialism; to develop and grow our mindset and learnings.

The new world of hybrid working is an ongoing challenge that every organisation is facing. It is evident that in order to attract and retain talent, organisations  must provide an inclusive, magnetic culture that promotes cohesion, whilst allowing people to work where and how they want.

Check out our highlights video below on the event.

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“Culture is the thing that makes hybrid work.”

“Authenticity of cultural values is enabling organisations to be bold, to be empowered, and to navigate moments of uncertainty without a huge amount of overhead and management.”

“Linking culture to success drives purpose and activity.”