Our new book – celebrating the magic of together

Big things happen when people come together

We have just launched our second edition of our coffee table book: a book designed to provoke ideas and thoughts around how coming together as people facilitates creative synergy.

We know that the most important thing within daily life in any organisation is the quality of interaction and collaboration between staff – that’s even more important than ever as hybrid patterns become the norm as where, how and the way in which we work is constantly evolving. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we have recognised universally that many things that had to be done somewhere, can now be done anywhere. However, it is clear that the power of ‘together’ is exponential; the collective energy in some rooms you enter can almost be physically felt. That is why it is so important to create these spaces in the workspace that draw people in.

Woodhouse’s workspace creations focus on the activities, events and practices that need to take place to maintain close-knit cohesion right across a company, and then ensure the workspace provides for them – both co-located and remote.

Our new book showcases many of our case study projects that demonstrate this approach.

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