All you need to know about our SafeContractor Accreditation

What is SafeContractor?

SafeContractor Accreditation is a certification scheme that helps businesses demonstrate their commitment to health and safety. It is a widely recognized and respected standard that is used by companies across a range of industries to show that they have robust health and safety policies in place.

The scheme was developed in 1999, in response to the need for a uniform standard of health and safety assessment, and it has since become the go-to standard for many businesses. SafeContractor have over 20 years of experience in health and safety and were the founding member of ‘Safety Schemes in Procurement’ (SSIP). Their aim is to reduce the effort associated with pre-qualification, thus saving contractors and clients time and money, whilst supporting them demonstrate high levels of health and safety management.

To achieve Safe Contractor Accreditation, businesses must undergo a rigorous assessment process that evaluates their health and safety policies and procedures. The assessment covers a range of areas, including risk assessments, training, and the use of personal protective equipment. Once a business has successfully passed the assessment, it will receive a certificate.


Having a SafeContractor accreditation gives our clients the reassurance that we’re compliant with health and safety to a widely recognised standard. As part of the SSIP, it reduces the need for completing multiple pre-qualification assessments, saving time, money and stress.