Why us?
Blending creative brilliance
and technical mastery

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Woodhouse is a family business that combines a reputation for innovation with a long history of excellence in construction. For more than 40 years Woodhouse has been helping organisations achieve high-quality workspaces that are crafted to their needs.

Smarter workspaces

Designing and building workspaces is about more than aesthetics; it’s about helping you achieve more with less. Woodhouse can help you identify your needs and build a space that is fine-tuned to support your organisation. We believe that your workspace should enable performance today while also giving you the room to grow. Find out more about how we can deliver your smarter workspace.

Design brilliance

Your workspace should reflect your identity and your values. We design workspaces around the needs of the end user – so you’ll notice that every office, warehouse and medical facility we design is as unique as our clients.

Technical mastery

Our roots in construction mean that we can tackle unexpected issues on-site and deliver durable spaces that adhere to the design specification. Our on-site teams also share our commitment to quality and our obsession with perfection.

Our SMART values...

Straightforward and open minded

Be uncomplicated, direct, honest and sincere, and be open to consider new ideas.

Make a difference

Challenge the status quo, go the extra mile and make every day count.

Aim high

Our work is to be right first time, every time.

Respect and responsibility

Have due regard for others' feelings, wishes, role or views and take responsibility for our own.


Co-operate with those we are working with in order to achieve the common goal.

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