The Witan Story: from workplace to destination


You may have heard of Witan Studios as the new workplace destination in Milton Keynes. The re-brand in 2017 was to create just that; a workplace destination rather than just a place to work. Originally named Witan Court, the building was transformed into the now Witan Studios, a more aspirational place in name, design and its surroundings.

The workplace destination was achieved through analysing the building as a whole; taking into account the location and the opportunity to connect with the wider community. There was a refresh to the interior and exterior, with a landscaped courtyard placed into the middle of the building. A public café catered to the need of good refreshments, as well as creating a vibrant atmosphere and social hub at the entrance to the Studios. It immediately changed the look and feel of the building, and was a key part of making this space a destination. Take a look through the Witan Studio images here.

Bloom Search moved in shortly after the completion of the Studios. Woodhouse developed their recently appointed space including a meeting room, reception furniture and acoustic ceiling rafts transforming it into a branded home for Bloom Search. The tenant personalisation was to incorporate the benefits of the newly designed space, whilst truly making the area their own. The Bloom Search case study highlights some of the key features here.

The finished space was a success story, emphasised by interested tenants wanting to take advantage of the new destination almost instantly. From table tennis to a place to enjoy lunch, it was a reinvented space on the inside and out.