The trend of resi-mercial in office design

Resi-mercial is the blend of commercial and residential; making the commercial space have a residential edge in look and feel. It is the idea of making work feel like home, in order for the office to become more productive and inviting for employees. Some Millienials and Gen Z’s have always known a comfortable workplace, with amenities such as home kitchens and breakout spaces as a standard layout. What steps can be made to make this transition? Below we look into the why and how of resi-mercial.

Why the rise of resi-mercial

Resi-mercial has evolved with the generation of workers who are always digitally connected through technology. With the idea of being ‘always available’, the workspace needs to adapt to include elements conducive for relaxation. Previous generations haven’t had the technology to equip them to work wherever and whenever, although with the evolution of flexible working, agile working and working from home, resi-mercial imitates all environments to encourage the most productive working.

Comfort and colour

Can your team collaborate and communicate vibrantly, or choose to plug-in and dive deep into individual projects? The diversity of the space is equally as important as the space itself. Comfort and colour can help create the diversity, and set the tones for the different ‘palettes of places’.

Creating the right ambience

Ambience can be formed through lighting, noise levels, furniture and the decoration of the space. It can even go the extra mile of having individual temperature controls to suit each area, and making it feel more cosy and homely.

Textures, fabrics and patterns

Beyond creating an ambience, the fabric of the furniture needs to be considered so it is durable enough to last. Commercial manufacturers are creating furniture with more personality than ever, so textures and patterns can merge the brand guidelines with a residential tone.

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing can create a resi-mercial destination for employees, and not just a place for work. It is common among wellness incentive within offices to include wellness initiatives; encompassing fresh fruit Friday’s and deskless lunches, and making home comforts accessible to the workplace.


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