Top Tips for Creating a Smarter Home Workspace

Smarter Home Workspace

How many of you have had to transform part of your home into a home office in recent days? Where do you even start? Do you have a decent-sized desk and comfortable chair or have some of you opted to work from your bed?

Your productivity and efficiency are dependent on several elements, similar to that of your workspace in the office. For a safe and comfortable working environment at home (and the office) which maximises productivity, the HSE workstation and display equipment guidelines should be followed.

Natural daylight plays a key part when laying out your smarter home-office space. Consider placing your desk next to the window but make sure you have sufficient lighting for when it’s not as bright outside.

Make sure your workspace is in a well-ventilated room with access to windows and heating controls for your own comfort.

We all work in different ways; some of us prefer complete silence whereas others prefer background music but in addition to this you will also need to factor in the rest of the household. That could be disruptions from your partner or your children. Create a space that allows you to hold calls without disruption and consider if its suitable for video calls; after all, you don’t want your laundry airing in the background whilst on the phone to your boss!

Your desk is a key part of your workspace. As it exists in the office, the same layout should be adopted at home for you to have a safe and comfortable environment. The wrong kind of workspace setup could have serious consequences for your wellbeing in the long run. It could result in eye strain, cause headaches, backache, neck pain or even carpal tunnel syndrome due to the repetitive nature of work.

The majority of you will be operating from a laptop so make sure your screen is large enough for what you need to do. If necessary, invest in a second monitor which is a larger screen. Not only will it boost productivity but you will also gain more clarity on certain documents where the detail may not be as visible on your laptop screen.

In these unprecedented times, we want to reassure you that we are here to help and understand the difficulties you may be facing. With over 40 years of office design and fit out experience, we are well placed to offer advice and help you set up a safe and comfortable home workspace which can be delivered within 5 working days. Details of our Smarter Home Workspace packages can be found here.

Woodhouse is with you every step of the way and will continue to help and support in these challenging times.