Two core functions needed to recreate the joy of work


Positive Affect & Psychological Safety

As part of our Smarter Workspace Series, we recently hosted a seminar with the European Vice President of Twitter, Bruce Daisley. Bruce provided some key tips on creating a productive and happy workforce, and how to rediscover the joy of work. Two core functions are needed in an office that set the foundation of trust, productivity and joy: Positive Affect and Psychological Safety. Below we explore the two functions in more detail.

Positive Affect

Positive Affect implies that you have a positive mood towards the work you are completing. A positive mood is created by having a connection to the work, and it is a driving factor towards productivity and performance. A workplace that delivers Positive Affect would have an open dialogue and sustained positivity, which in return produces better results, creates an open-mindedness for decision making and positively influences how you respond in situations.

Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety was discussed by the example of a hospital research study, conducted by Amy Edmonson. She gathered performance data on two teams to see how many mistakes each team made. Her conclusion found that the team with the highest amount of errors wasn’t making more errors, but they were willing to own up to their inaccuracies. The team with the least-recorded errors had a manager who was less willing to accept any errors and so instead of reporting them, they found a way to navigate around them. In any work environment, people need to feel psychologically safe so they can openly say what is concerning to them without consequences.

Combining Positive Affect and Psychological Safety provides a solid foundation for employees to perform their best work. Positive Affect is achieved through creating a connection with the work, which creates a positive mood towards the work and therefore increased productivity. Psychological Safety allows for constructive feedback and errors to be reported with acceptance of what has happened, so a solution can be sought efficiently. This then sets a foundation of trust, productivity and joy within the workplace.

Watch the round-up video below.

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