The importance of technology in supporting a hybrid approach to work

The connection in the workplace has never been more important than it is now and the last year has identified the crucial role which technology plays in enabling this.

As businesses get ready to re-open their workplaces and a hybrid approach to work becomes more favoured, we are seeing technology play a key role in supporting new ways of working and helping to maintain the human connection. This means that it is key to evaluate your workspace to ensure it’s ready for a flexible work model. In the last 12 months businesses have accelerated tech adoption to allow for business continuity but the key activity most people are missing is being able to collaborate in person; the ability to be inspired by activity within the office.

Whilst video conferencing apps allow us to see facial reactions and provide us with a sense of how well, or not so well, a meeting is going, network and connectivity can sometimes prevent this from happening which means we only see half the picture. Recent conversations have highlighted how important it is to collaborate in person but also to make this a seamless integration for those working remotely.

The demand for a hybrid approach to work

Insights from McKinsey highlight that the pandemic has broken cultural and technological barriers that prevented remote work previously. 52% of workers would prefer a more flexible working model post-pandemic compared with 30% pre-pandemic which highlights the importance of ensuring your workspace has the correct technologies in place to enable a hybrid approach.

When reimagining the office for new ways of working businesses will need to go back to basics; from evaluating the network infrastructure to support a hybrid work model to reviewing the technologies which support new ways of working and enable employees to remain connected.

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