Designing for Creativity | The Fundamentals of Design

The fundamentals of your office design will include key components such as the right temperature, sound levels and spatial layout. It will highlight your commitment to investing in your people and their performance. This episode looks at three factors influencing the fundamentals of design; movement in the office, community and furniture.

Movement in the office

Look at what movement happens in your office. By evaluating your workplace you can form working trends; is there frequent collaboration, focused individual work, movement in working environments, and how much desk-space is really occupied throughout the week? Creating designated areas for each activity has been reported to reduce stress levels and increase productivity, and it can make your space support and work smarter for your team.

If space is restricted then furniture can greatly accommodate; partitions, pods, acoustic panels or booth seating are all viable options to forming work hubs. Additional benefits can include the social element to interacting with different team members and building on ideas and concepts.

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Community explores the team element within your culture, and brings a sense of belonging. This can strengthen a team, develop ideas and  strategies, and attract and retain key talent. Collaboration spaces and breakout areas are two places in which community emerges. Breakout areas allow your conscious brain to relax by moving away from the working area, and build on those friendships away from work. By making your employees feel a part of the team, they can be their authentic selves which has a major impact on production and retention. By feeling psychologically safe, we put our best ideas forward and worry less. 


Your people are a representation of your company and ensuring their feeling of belonging will share a positive message to the wider community, and possibly to future employees. A strong community will not happen overnight but your office design can be a big contributor.

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Furniture is a vital element that makes us feel equipped and ready for the day. It sounds simple, but a suitable desk (hopefully with no clutter), a comfortable chair and the necessary technology are fundamentals to productive working. Beyond this, noise levels, eliminating distractions and encouraging collaboration can be influenced by the right furniture.

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Sit-to-stand desks are a modern take on the traditional desk and a piece of furniture that is increasingly evolving. Standing meetings are now also a thing to break up the too many hours of sitting. Studies have shown how standing can prompt brain boosting traits through enhancing cognitive skills like focus and memory. See the use of different uses of furniture here.





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