Sustainability Accreditations: Fitwel

What is Fitwel?

Fitwel is a building ratings system that provides insights on designing and operating healthier buildings with a good ESG performance. A journey to and through your workplace: it is focussed on health and wellness, and considers the impact that the building has on all the occupants in a variety of ways.

The Fitwel Scorecards include 55+ evidence-based strategies that address a broad range of risks and health behaviours. Each scorecard prioritizes a different set of strategies, according to what is more relevant to the main use of the property and group of people impacted. Therefore, the strategies with multi-faceted impacts receive more points; Fitwell addresses health as an interconnected system where every category is equally important.

  • Impacts community health – Strategies that impact the health of the surrounding community other than just the occupants.
  • Reduces morbidity and absenteeism – Strategies that reduce morbidity and absenteeism correlate with less chronic disease and mental health conditions, therefore resulting in a healthier office with less days of work missed.
  • Supports social equity for vulnerable or disadvantaged persons – Strategies that support a range of groups such as children, elderly and the disabled, increasing their access to health-promoting activities, pricing incentives for healthy food, and increased access to public transport.
  • Instils feeling of wellbeing – Strategies that promote inclusion, relaxation, and safety through clean spaces, and opportunities to connect to nature and engage socially.
  • Enhances access to healthy foods – Strategies that increase access to fruit, vegetables and other nutritious options by promoting healthy choices and introducing price incentives to reduce the cost of healthy options.
  • Promotes occupant safety – Strategies that decrease the risk of crime and injury, protect cyclists and pedestrians from traffic, and increase stair safety.
  • Increases physical activity – Strategies that introduce opportunities to be more active such as encouraging active transportation, using the stairs and indoor or outdoor fitness equipment.

Benefits of the Fitwel Certification

Enhances Value proposition

Even if the tenants within the building are not aware of the certification, the strategies will positively impact on them. It has been proven that satisfied tenants increase the referral rates, more occupancies and an increased ROI.

Mitigates Health & Safety Risks

The large range of strategies that Fitwel provide all recognise that it is a risk to ignore health. The strategies include proven policies and practical ways to optimise health and wellbeing of the occupants, which will ultimately reduce stress levels, injury, absenteeism, and chronic illnesses, and therefore increase productivity.

Data-Driven Platform for ESG Reporting

The Fitwell certification programme offers a pathway to track the health-related ESG impacts of your properties through tools and expert guidance, including:

  • Visualisation of performance trends based on unique health metrics
  • Analysis that identifies gaps to identify opportunities increased performance
  • Detailed reports of how the building is impacting health that you can share with stakeholders

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