‘Smarter Workspaces Series’ starts with a flourish

Workplace thought leader, Dr Nigel Oseland, introduces the series with exclusive insights

Woodhouse has launched the first in its SMARTER WORKSPACES SERIES of informative work events – delivered by world-renowned workplace strategist, Dr Nigel Oseland.

Being in the forefront of office design and fitout, we decided to embark on an event programme that will inform, educate and guide organisations on the importance of design and the impact it has on the workspace.

Nigel’s speech, “Designing for Creativity, Collaboration, Concentration and Contemplation”, revealed exclusive insights into how unique design can affect the creativity of a workplace.

A crowd of thought leaders, local business influencers and commercial property experts gathered together before the seminar to share ideas and network, ahead of the eagerly anticipated change manager, environmental psychologist and author’s presentation.

Smarter Workspace Seminar – Dr Nigel Oseland from Woodhouse Workspace on Vimeo.

Matthew Cooper, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Woodhouse, who introduced the event, said: “This event was designed as a value-add to all of the stakeholders who currently interact with Woodhouse: existing customers, employees, potential partners and other thought leaders.

“At Woodhouse, our philosophy is to ‘hear what you say and do what you need’. We believe this series of events will crystallise the importance of design not just to the company aesthetic, but overall productivity and performance, too.”

Nigel has worked with numerous corporate and public sector companies in his time working for DEGW, AMA Alexi Marmot Associates, Swanke Hayden Connell Architects and Johnson Controls.

His research efforts have informed European and International standards of workplace design, and has recently spoken at conferences including Workplace Trends, ANC, Healthy Buildings, Economic Times and TWN and Pure-Net.

The speech was bookended with a vibrant coffee and networking session, where attendees swapped advice and discussed how to practically implement some of Nigel’s thought leadership.

If you are interested in finding out more about our breakfast seminars, please contact us.

The promotional flyer for June’s breakfast seminar, where Nigel delivered a keynote speech