Remote Working Could Become Mandatory

remote working

Are You Ready?

With the UK facing it’s biggest crisis in a generation we take a look at how businesses are adapting to government-enforced procedures.

Remote working has always been a controversial topic however in light of current issues we now see businesses forced to review their business continuity plans and ensure the entire workforce can work effectively from home.

Through the use of VPN’s, laptops, and mobile phones it’s safe to say the majority of the UK workforce can adopt remote working and work smarter. The benefits include an increase in efficiency and productivity as there are fewer office distractions, and spending more time with family with the daily commute removed.

Here are some of our top tips for remote working:

Set up your workspace away from the bedroom
Pick a space which allows you to be productive and work smarter. This can be in the spare room overlooking the garden or a corner of the living room where you are less likely to receive any distractions.

Ensure your internet connection is strong
Test your broadband speed using and make sure your VPN connection works. You should be able to replicate your office workspace at home without any issues.

Structure your day
Even though you are working from home you will still be required to work your core hours so wake up as you normally would, get dressed (don’t work in your PJs!) and start at 9am. Don’t forget to take regular breaks as you would do if you were in the office. Maintaining structure within your day will also benefit your mental wellbeing.

Clear Space Clear Mind
Keep your workspace clear and organised, and don’t forget to wipe down with anti-bacterial spray regularly. As reported by The Independent, the average desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat!

Technology is your friend
Use video conferencing tools such as Zoom and collaborative tools including Slack and Basecamp to manage projects. We’re all in the same boat so your contacts will be responsive to different ways of working which are more efficient.

Communication is key
It can be lonely working from home but it doesn’t need to be. Pick up the phone and talk to your colleagues, schedule in some time if you need to bounce ideas around. If you find remote working a challenge speak to your line manager to see if there are any alternatives to make it easier.

Most of you will be working from home with a loved one, friends or family. Make sure the boundaries are set so you don’t annoy one another. Set a time where you’ll both be free for lunch if you want to spend time together however working from home should be the same as any normal working day.

There are always pros and cons to working from home but the most important thing is to stay safe in times like this.

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