Re-charging your workplace batteries

Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes between each task to recharge your workplace batteries. We have all heard of the saying ‘burning the candle at both ends’, but your workplace needn’t do that. Below we have a few suggestions on how to keep ahead of the game, and keep your motivation feeling tip top whilst at work.

Break the routine

A good way to refresh your mind is by breaking the normal routine. Work in a different area, change your setup, tackle your research on a different device, have your 11 o’clock tea when you need it, rather than at 11.

Alternate tasks

Break up your work by alternating mentally demanding tasks with smaller admin jobs. All of the tasks need to be completed, but it helps to maintain mental focus and energy levels throughout the day.

Move about

Include exercise into your daily routine, whether it is a stroll around the local area at lunch or an exercise class out of hours.

Step away from the desk

Getting away from the intensity for a few minutes can actually charge the brain back up. Checking emails does not constitute as a break, and allowing yourself to step away from the desk can help your brain to recover, ready for the next task.

Think big

Think about goals for next year. Instead of just working tirelessly through the to-do, remind yourself of the bigger picture and how your work is contributing.

Take time to reflect

Slow down to speed up. Build reflection time into your schedule so you have a clear vision of what has been done and what you need to do. This also enables you to see it is tying in with the core strategy.

Take a stand

Our bodies are not designed to sit down for 8 hours a day, 5 day a week. So when you have the chance to have a standing meeting, or to use a sit-stand desk; take it. Make sure you also have the correct seating position and screen setup, which can be found here.

Collect your thoughts

If you can try to leave the previous task in the past, and not jump back to it. This allows you to come back to it with a fresh perspective and clearly see your next steps.

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