Procurement routes for design, refurbishment and fitout

You’ve made the decision to upgrade your office space, and so the next step is to decide how.  The three main routes to do this are traditional, detail and build or design and build. Below we discuss the pros and cons to each.

Design & Build

Woodhouse typically deliver Design & Build projects. This is a one-stop-shop for the client including consultancy, design, project management, budget management, health & safety; all aspects of the project are managed from concept to completion.


  • A single point of contact throughout the project
  • Less resources and liability is required from your side
  • There is more certainty around the final cost
  • A seamless delivery process across multiple experts
  • Faster delivery of the fitout
  • A clear time frame strictly adhere to
  • Health and safety is at the responsibility of the fitout, from the very beginning of the process, whilst on-site and until completion


  • Quotations can be harder to compare, because it depends from company to company on the quality and methodology at each stage.

Detail & Build

Detail and Build is where the client appoints an architect/interior designer who develops a concept design to RIBA stage 2 or 3. Woodhouse take over from there and develop the concept design into a detailed design, and carry the project through to completion. The advantages of Detail & Build are that you have one point of contact during the concept design phase, and once completed you have one concept design for contractors to quote from, making quotes easier to compare. However there will be additional costs and contact points from this process.


The client appoints a professional individual or team for each stage of the fitout, including architect, project manager, cost consultant, etc. After the architect has developed a design and specification for the project, the Project Manager can go out to tender to contractors. After receiving the tenders back, a contractor can then be selected.  The main benefits to the Traditional route are that the client has independent support, and progress can be monitored closely. However there will be additional costs, final costs aren’t certain and extended lead times are often needed.


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