Managing Your Wellbeing Whilst Working From Home

Woodhouse Wellbeing at Home

Wellbeing has played a prominent role in our lives in recent years however it has never been more important than it is now.

Over the last nine weeks, the majority of the UK workforce has adapted to new ways of remote working and juggling home life which can make it difficult to think about the impact this has on your wellbeing.

Many people are remote working for the first time and finding themselves isolated from the daily norm; from socialising with colleagues to regular face to face meetings. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, stress and sometimes depression as it begins to take its toll mentally and physically. As quoted by Workplace Mental Health, now more than ever we need to prioritise our mental health and wellbeing. We need to check in our colleagues and employees because social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation.

Improve your wellbeing at home

Here are a few tips on how you can improve your wellbeing whilst at home:

  • Create A Routine: If you are working from home, maintain your normal work routine as best as you can. Wake up at 6am, get dressed, go for a walk, have breakfast and be ready to start your working day.
  • Take regular breaks: One of the key things when working from home is that you can sometimes get carried away and end up doing too much without taking regular breaks. This can lead to burnout. Every 30 minutes or so, step away from your desk for 5 minutes and stretch your legs. Take your lunch break and enjoy some screen-free time.
  • Maintain a healthy diet: What you feed your body also feeds your mind. Keep hydrated and snack on protein-packed snacks as opposed to sugar-packed refreshments. This will help keep you fuelled and functioning.
  • Exercise and fresh air: Releasing those feel-good endorphins is great for alleviating stress. Combine your daily walk with a run, or carry out your home workout in the garden. Whilst the sun is out it’s great to soak up some Vitamin D. Consider relaxation techniques, such as meditation to improve your mental wellbeing and lighten negative feelings.
  • Limit your media consumption: It’s great to keep informed of the latest developments however try limiting how much time you spend on social media and watching this news. Catch up once a day to try and reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety.

At Woodhouse, we strive to improve wellbeing within the workspace and this also extends to the home workspace. Now more than ever it’s important that we check in with ourselves as well as those around us; reach out to a friend for a quick catch up and remember to keep talking to those around you.