Looking at the values of Woodhouse Workspace


Brands are far more than just a visual representation of a company. They serve as something much stronger and deeper on an emotional and psychological level, in terms of what message sits behind a logo and how businesses communicate their value to customers.

Whilst our core values at Woodhouse have always remained the same, the world around us has changed over our four decades trading as a family run office design and fitout company. This made 2016 a year to look deeper into our brand proposition and to work on refreshing and redefining elements of our brand so that these could be delivered across many mediums and assets, particularly digital.

This was an exciting challenge for our team and a new way to reaffirm our family business as an organisation focused on the design, planning and installation of contemporary interiors.

Developing the Woodhouse strapline

The Woodhouse brand itself stretches far beyond just our logo, and serves as a culmination of our values, culture, experience, mission and more. Our brand refresh needed to encompass such considerations to help us develop our strapline “Smarter Workspaces”, which is essentially a representation of our role in designing & building workspaces that help businesses work smarter. The justifications of the tagline are outlined below:


Developing the Woodhouse logo

We cast the net quite wide from the outset to generate ideas, although the direction we took meant that there were quite a few that were in the same ballpark.

The brand workshops which were held proved invaluable, providing a more accurate idea of which logo to choose.

woodhouse_logoThe logo had to reflect the possibilities of creativity & flexibility within various spaces to achieve the idea of ‘smarter’ within the logo.

The cube effect chosen proved to be the most versatile for Woodhouse as highlighted below where the 3D effect comes to the fore within the cube for each of the services on the website.


Click on the banner above to view the homepage to view for yourself.

Our values as a family run organisation

As recently reported by marketing week, being one of a few family run organisations in a market highly populated by corporate competitors can be advantageous if staying true to these values. Our values at Woodhouse have remained the same throughout the years and will continue to be centric to our culture and approach. These are:

-Being honest





-Commercially minded

Launch event for the Woodhouse rebrand

If you have a project in mind, please get in contact with a member of our team.