IWFM Finalist at the Impact 2022 Awards

Woodhouse are pleased to be announced as a finalist in the prestigious Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) Impact Awards for the Workplace Experience: Office & Corporate Environment Award.

The finalists from the 17 categories of the IWFM Impact Awards will be attending a black tie awards ceremony at JW Marriott Grosvenor House, London on the 17th October 2022, where the winners will be announced. Woodhouse are proud to be included amongst the finalists, as the Awards attracted entries from a diverse range of individuals, projects and organisations.

Woodhouse Workspace team celebrate IWFM Impact Awards 2022 Finalist. August 2022

Matthew Cooper, Director of Woodhouse said “It is an honour to be recognised as a finalist for the IWFM Impact Awards; a testament to everyone who works with us and has supported us. We pride ourselves on being a leader in our industry; and giving the best possible service to our clients. It is wonderful for the Woodhouse team to be acknowledged for their outstanding effort across all areas of the business, and we very much look forward to the awards ceremony where the winners will be announced.

We would also like to thank the IWFM category sponsor, Accruent, for supporting the awards.

The Workplace Experience: Office & Corporate Environment Award 2022 celebrates the people, projects or initiatives which have delivered an outstanding experience for all of those who interact with the workplace: employees, visitors and customers alike. Woodhouse Workspace demonstrated positive impact on the workplace experience, by creating a new workspace which is helping: embed culture and values, promoting business growth, and improving health and wellbeing.

The judges were looking for:

  • Tools deployed to map existing workplace experience and future need
  • Evidence of real collaboration and inclusivity
  • Clear connection between the improvement in experience, and how this led to better business outcomes
  • Examples of how the workspace and services were shaped to create an overall experience
  • Testimonials of what the tangible and measurable difference has been for all those who use and interact with the workspace as a result of the project

Woodhouse entered a recent workspace project they completed at CAE Technology Services, a Hertfordshire headquartered business. Woodhouse created a 30,000 square foot destination workspace for 180 resident staff, clients and visitors through their in-depth workspace strategy process and by designing a workspace that created the optimum home for CAE.

Aggrey Lutta, Culture Director, commented “At CAE, we pride ourselves on having a very strong culture; what is amazing is that Woodhouse have encapsulated the essence of CAE here in this building.” The result of this project is a bustling destination workspace which offers staff a variety of different options in which to collaborate, create, concentrate or simply just be. It is a showcase of the CAE brand and a home in which everyone at CAE, can thrive.

This new workspace continues to facilitate a return to office working following the pandemic, as well as attract new talent, thus providing greater employment opportunities in the local area. CAE will be focussed more on putting the space to different uses for customer and partner engagement, which will be much enhanced by their new facilities.

Richard Behan, Chief Corporate Development Officer said “We like to think of our new headquarters as the heart of CAE: a place where we can all work together, engage with our customers, and host events. We couldn’t have asked for a better design. The feedback across the company is excellent, creating the perfect space for our team – thank you Woodhouse!”

Woodhouse is a design and build company whose foundations lie in strong family values, creative brilliance and technical mastery. They are dedicated to creating exceptional workspaces where people are drawn together and thrive in their work environments, which has kept them at the forefront of the industry – their Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +76 (a customer satisfaction score of 24 points higher than the industry average) is testament to this. Carrying out their full workspace strategy process with clients ensures that they understand precisely how business operates and what is needed to create a workspace that answers to both current and future needs, as well as helping to enhance company culture, productivity and business objectives.

CAE Ground floor staff breakout area, and stunning tiered seating area used for town hall meetings, receptions or events.

CAE first floor meeting rooms, touchdown points, and atrium allowing natural light down to the ground floor.

CAE employees listen to a presentation on launch day.

CAE employees collaborate in one of the touchdown areas on the first floor.