How the pandemic has highlighted the importance of collaboration in the workplace

Your office, your workspace, your place of work is a powerful tool when utilised correctly. It can inspire, stimulate creativity and interaction, and act as a place for your workforce to collaborate and engage in. With lockdown restrictions set to ease, rethinking how your office can be optimised for future ways of working is now a hot topic for many organisations.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of collaboration and social interaction amongst employees. Collaboration allows for teams to connect and ideas to be formed which help maximise the success of the business. We already understand, from a previous roundtable event, that chance interactions can transform a great idea into a phenomenal idea. Chance interactions in the office allow for phenomenal ideas which contribute to the success of the business.  Having a space for these activities in a post-Covid world will be key.

The need for a collaborative space
The latest research from Leesman highlights that collaborative tasks, informal social interaction and learning from others is much better supported in the office. This reaffirms the need for a space that encourages this.

When designed and implemented correctly, your collaborative space will drive innovation, connect your employees and help maximise productivity. It will become a place your employees love to go to…it will become a destination.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the importance of a destination office for future ways of working be sure to register for our upcoming webinar where we will share the latest insights from Leesman and learnings from Groupe Renault.