Generation Z in the workplace


Move over millennial’s, Generation Z are entering the workplace. Born between 1995 and 2010, the oldest Gen Z’s (aka the iGeneration) are now starting their working life. As millennial’s evolved in the workplace so did flexible working hours, flatter hierarchy structures and co-working offices. They grew up with technology and developed new ways of communication. Now with Generation Z on their toes, they have a new-found wish list that is completely different to their predecessors. See their top five traits below.

1. Rewards

They are willing to work hard but expect to be rewarded for it. This generation are happy to work on their own, and reap those benefits individually; making them slightly more competitive and independent than Millenials. Equally, a company is more attractive to them that has a positive impact and rewarding traits for the wider environment and community. Charitable impact and Corporate Social Responsibility are important to them.

2. They like security

Generation Z may not have personally experienced the two global recessions, but they have seen their parents take the financial hit. This has made them lean towards security and money, compared to millennial’s who wanted more of a purpose than a pay check.

3. They like traditional methods of communication

This group are most likely to work on a document in the afternoon, re-open it on their phone on the tube home, and finish it off on their laptop in front of the TV. They have held iPads throughout their childhood and they are now hyper-connected. An agile environment could benefit their working style and a smarter workspace would support this. However they like to put the technology down when it comes to meetings and performance reviews. They prefer to have face-to-face communication with their managers.

4. Work and home life is blurred

As Facebook Executive Emily White described it, work and free time are no longer neatly compartmentalised but seamlessly jumbled up together. It’s a world in which it’s no big deal to take two hours out of the working day for something personal, but also routine to spend the same time answering emails on a Sunday. They may leave at 5.30pm to have tea and be back on the laptop by 9pm.

5. They are entrepreneurial

Generation Z are digital natives due to their adaptability skills, and they excel at change. They have the ability to adopt platforms earlier and so can push the creative boundaries. It is predicted that Gen Z will have a source of income outside of their full-time job, whether it’s selling items online, vlogging, or making a hobby profitable. Compared to millennial’s, they are 55% more likely to want to start their own business and hire people.