Four design trends to include in a destination office

What does 2021 hold in store for the office and the way in which we work?

The office now needs to be a place employees want to go to rather than a place they need to go to. Hence the desire to create a destination. A destination designed to improve productivity, wellbeing and retention. A Smarter Workspace.

We look at a few trends we saw re-emerge towards the end of 2020 which could shape the design and functionality of offices moving forward.

An agile approach

2020 saw a huge shift towards flexible working and we believe this will be filtered through to the office space. The need for tech-ready, inviting collaborative zones will increase as businesses review their ‘why’ for an office. The latest findings from Leesman Index identified that working from home supports our individual-based tasks whereas the office supports collaborative tasks and meetings better.

Openness and the flexibility of an agile space will play a key part in rethinking the design of the office as we’re seeing with many of our client requirements.

Biophilia: the human connection with nature

Throughout lockdown we’ve all enjoyed taking time out to experience nature, taking walks to refresh and recharge and welcoming plants into the home. Biophilia focuses on our attraction to nature and natural processes and we believe there will be a resurgence in greenery in our offices as we look to replicate the experiences we’ve had with nature throughout the last 12 months.

Collaboration: A great idea becomes phenomenal in chance interactions

Working remotely has bought with it many opportunities however one of the key challenges is collaborating with our team. As discussed in our roundtable towards the end of last year “A great idea becomes phenomenal in chance interactions.” We miss the conversations in the stairwell and at the water cooler which help to transform the team and encourage growth. Reviewing your office space to allow for collaborative and breakout zones will be one of the key things to consider when looking at how to optimise it to embrace new ways of working.


The Resimercial Influence

After spending a large chunk of the last 12 months working remotely we will want to see a few home comforts within the office in the form of relaxation zones. Not necessarily a cosy room to watch Netflix but more in terms of lounge furnishings for breakout areas and entertainment zones where the team can take some time out to recharge. A relaxed environment helps improve mental health and wellbeing which in turn increases productivity.