Designing for Creativity | Designing for Personality Types

Understanding the different personality types in the office can greatly influence your office design decisions. Personality profiling is generally a vital part of the interview process. However when the results show what works best, all employees may have the same work conditions anyway. For example IT support need the ability to talk technically in a quieter environment, whereas sales people may be happier in an energetic atmosphere. It is still good to have a mixture of different traits within the workplace. It may take longer for bonds to form, but eventually they will produce stronger ideas with access to wider viewpoints.

The positive impact to personality requirements

Designing an office that is bright, open-plan and always has a bustling feel may suit the extroverts, but does it suit the introverts?  Workplace consultancy can determine how your space is being used and the working requirements. Employees are at the core of all businesses. For them to perform at their optimum, they need to have a workplace that allows this and suits their individual personality types. Additionally, it transforms the workplace to a destination that recognises employees as individuals and attracts the best talent. By designing your office space to cater for all personality types will encourage creativity, productivity, and a happier work force.

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