Recent webinar: Creating the spaces in which hybrid teams perform best

About this event

In our last webinar, we shared our workplace analogy of the Ringmaster, which powerfully illustrates the role of leaders in creating an office vibe that strengthens connections and relationships.

In this webinar, we looked more closely at the practical features ringmasters may want to design into their workspace to create a dynamic ‘Big Top’ atmosphere.

Featuring a selection of speakers with experience in workplace psychology and workspace design, we looked at the critical aspects of designing flexibility into the modern workplace, understanding how space can create a sense of community, and identifying the space typologies that best support modern ways of working, while fully supporting hybrid work models.

Download the slide deck below:

Woodhouse Workspace – Creating the spaces in which hybrid teams peform best – Presentation

Download the whitepaper below:

Woodhouse Workspace – Creating the spaces in which hybrid teams perform best – Whitepaper

Guest Speakers

Richard Coope | Programme Lead, Future Ready Workplace – Brightful

A specialist in culture, brand and digital problem solving, Richard shared his experiences and insights of embedding successful hybrid workplaces. Richard has worked with several brands such as Dr. Martens, CocaCola, Vodafone, GSK, Pepsico and more.

Alison Girdiefski | Workplace Project Manager

Alison Girdiefski is a Workplace Project Manager who creates flexible people-centric workspaces, specialising in combining aspirations for new ways of working with overall business objectives, that include mental health and wellbeing goals. She has worked with brands such as Shell, L’Oreal and Moonpig and shared insights around making events out of everyday occurrences.

Kailee Lane | Design Lead, Woodhouse Workspace

Kailee is passionate about designing the spaces they need that will strengthen connections and relationships in the workplace, and explored the different spaces that enhance interaction, and taking us through some of our recent projects such as Dr. Martens.