Woodhouse drive forward into the last quarter


Team building is an essential element of all great companies so what better than an in-house 'Crazy Golf' competition to follow on from our Q4 team meeting... The stage was set and the challengers lined up. Who would be able to putt their money where their mouth is?

The driving force behind this crazy idea was the start of quarter four, the beginning of the end of the year.  This is a crucial time of the year when we are planning ahead to ensure a strong end to 2017 and a smooth transition into 2018.

Below you will see a few photos of our staff attempting to take on the course. Some of us had a tee-riffic attempt, even though some holes proved par-ticularly challenging.


Also joining us on the course for the first time were Barney, Ben and Rosie – all who recently joined the business development team.

We wish you all the best in quarter four and the big final push for 2017!