Cutting through the noise of acoustic panels…

acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are sound absorption products which minimise unwanted noise. They reduce the sound of conversations travelling across a space, which can be particularly useful in open-plan offices. They come in many different sizes, types and colours to fit in with the area requirements and branding.

How do they work?

An echo will be heard if you clap your hands in an open area with hard surfaces. This happens due to the sound wave bouncing off a solid surface which then creates the echo effect. Acoustic panels break down these sound waves. They provide a surface where the noise is trapped and absorbed, preventing the noise from echoing. The acoustic panels convert the sound into a tiny amount of heat, which quickly dissipates, creating a quieter environment.

What are the options?

There are three main types of acoustic panels. Firstly, there are acoustic panels that are fitted onto the walls. They come in a wide range of fabrics, materials and styles to suit the requirements accordingly. They achieve comfortable sound levels and are generally the lowest cost compared to other options. The panels can soften a room’s appearance and normally feel cushion-like to touch. Secondly, art acoustic panels have a specific design added to the panels which enables branding and more of a statement. Finally, suspended acoustic panels are also a popular option to hang from the ceiling. They¬†upgrade the acoustic quality in that area without taking any wall space.

The benefits

There are a number of benefits to installing acoustic panels:

  • They reduce the impact of multiple conversations travelling through the space
  • There are less noise distractions boosting productivity
  • It provides a better opportunity to hear phone calls
  • It supports a more secure environment to share confidential business information
  • They can significantly improve aesthetics

Examples of acoustic panels



Woodhouse head office


Affinity for Business


Global Radio