Woodhouse team takes a cruise down the Thames


Good communication is key to a company of any size and at Woodhouse we treat this aspect of the business very seriously. It is often very difficult to get everybody in a company together at the same time in the same place and focussed; so on board a boat in the middle of the Thames is as good a place as anywhere. Throw in some excellent catering and you have everybody's attention!

The summer biannual Woodhouse off-site team meeting this year was held on the Thames aboard the Edwardian.

As the Tower of London and Traitor’s Gate slid by and breakfast had been cleared away, the business of the day started below deck with a series of presentations marking our progress in the year so far.  Targets met, new staff engaged, Woodhouse has steered a course, straight and true!

Presentations from members of staff covering topics as diverse as project costing, environmental awareness, the importance of quality coffee in the workplace and a review of the last twelve months seen from one staff member’s unique perspective really engaged the team and promoted some vigorous comment and debate.

Turning just short of the Thames Barrier, the Edwardian sailed back upstream through the familiar and ever changing spectacular sites and sounds of riverside London.  The weather remained warm and clear as Woodhouse staff picked out buildings where projects had only previously existed for them as an address on a spreadsheet or drawing.

As the Edwardian docked at Embankment Pier late afternoon, everybody agreed it had been very valuable time spent for the entire workforce to share this experience together as a company, Woodhouse.