10 apps found in the smarter workspace

With over 2.1 million apps on the app store (and counting), there are many apps that support business needs.  Some of them can help you to work smart and consolidate information in seconds; making sure those admin tasks take minimum time away from the main tasks. Below we have created a list of our go-to apps and also programs, for making those business processes that little bit easier.

Document configuration

Similar to Google Docs, SmartSheet allows all users to access and edit documents at once, whilst auto-saving. SmartSheet goes beyond this, enabling the view of the spreadsheet to create swim lanes (for scrum-style projects) or Gantt charts (for more traditional waterfall style projects).

Holiday tracking

Citation Atlas is a holiday planning program that lets staff have visibility of how many holidays they have left, what they have taken, and when their team members are already booked off.


Perkz is a site that provides many discounts on many different outlets, so all employees can benefit from discounts at their preferred retailers.

Project management

Basecamp is a tool that creates project ‘camps’ that gathers all the information into one area. It allows users to be tagged to individual tasks, with the ability to create and manage to-do lists. It is a great tool that monitors the project progress by ticking off when tasks are complete, and sending notifications when a task is due. The team can also comment throughout the project on all tasks, with access to documents saved centrally.

Employee satisfaction

The Office Vibe app allows managers to stay in-the-know with employees, particularly in larger companies. Office Vibe empowers managers with the feedback from their team on employee satisfaction, which in return provides a higher-performing team.


SGW payroll puts all pay information into one dashboard, displayed monthly. A great tool for storing all the data in one space for employees.


1tap receipts automates every step of the expense management process. Scan in your receipt, tag it to the expense category, and download the excel file at the end of the month with all your expenses listed.

Multiple users working in one

Google drive is the app to have. 15gb of free storage, ability to see your files on a phone, tablet or computer and users can view, download or edit without the need to download an attachment.

Time sheets

atWork allows time to be tracked for anyone who works on an hourly fee or wants to know how long a project takes. An efficient, simple tool that can stop the guess work from what you worked on, when.


Uploading to social media has never been easier! Save time managing your social content with Hootsuite. 30 posts are free to schedule and plan each month, with post-publishing analytics also available.


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